The Narrow Way


I walk the narrow way.

Among thorns and thistles
Winding through the forbidden wood
Around my head, around my heart
A venomed vapor whistles

I walk the difficult way.

The path is rooted and trenched
Barely a trail, no shelter here
Through the rain
My soul is drenched

I walk the lonely way

My eyes locked among the thorns
In the dark and all alone
Praying for the will within
To rise above and be reborn

I walk the only way

Though ahead it’s only black
Like a flint
My face is set
I know there’s no turning back.

I walk the painful way

I will not wince or cry aloud
The strength within
Will not give in
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

I walk the winding way

Light not at the end, but the start:

An Indomitable spirit was lent
And I chose to walk
The narrow way
Until my soul is spent

And few there’ll be who find my heart.


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